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Creating attractive Perspectives: a total reward approach

What we offer you

At TriHD, we offer you more than a salary. We offer you a Total Reward Approach. This includes a challenging career where you’ll work on a large variety of projects and have plenty of opportunities to develop yourself based on your ambitions. In our organization, learning and development plays a key role in helping our people reach their full potential.

You are in control of your career, and we expect you to take the initiative. But you are not on your own. Find out what our Total Reward Approach consists of.

Design your own career map

At TriHD, we believe in helping you grow by supporting you in creating your own career map. Furthering your career and helping you realize your ambitions is what we, as a company, strive for each day.

Our BaseCamp internal team gives you the opportunity to tackle different challenging missions in line with your ambition. Every time you change your environment or project, you will grow as a professional and as a person.


Guidance and collaboration

You are not on your own when it comes to achieving your goals and ambitions—at TriHD, “there is no me without we,” as the saying goes. You will be supported by your BaseCamp team, your mentors, a career coach and your fellow consultants.

In our knowledge sharing organisation you can take ownership of your own personal development, using the formal and informal tools, processes and collective knowledge that TriHD provides.

Openness at trifinance

Share your insights & ideas

Openness is one of our core values. Being receptive to others’ ideas and perspectives allows us to consider new possibilities and alternative solutions and can transform criticisms into opportunities. We value your input and actively seek it out, offering you the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on our organization.

  • Young Innovation Board

    This advisory committee is comprised of young employees who work with senior managers and leaders on strategic initiatives. It’s a way for the organization to leverage your insights and diversify our perspectives.

  • Meet & Greet

    We organize get-togethers with the Leadership Team twice a year. During these events, we sit around the table and discuss what matters to you. You get to choose the topics, share your ideas, and ask questions. We’ll take your feedback into consideration when defining and realizing new projects for our organization.

A competitive compensation and benefits package

Our Total Reward Approach also includes a competitive compensation and benefits package, such as group and hospitalization insurance, as well as other perks and privileges. You'll be cruising the roads with your company car. We are constantly modernizing our car policy and, in the years to come, we will focus on a green car fleet. More and more models will be available in hybrid or fully electric versions. The choice is yours!

Take advantage of our flexible remuneration plan to build your own salary package with benefits that are tailored to your needs. Use your year-end bonus to buy an international fuel card, choose a less expensive car and lease an e-bike on top, add more vacation days, or upgrade your company smartphone. You can even convert your benefits into warrants. It’s all up to you!

We understand the challenge of maintaining a healthy work-life balance in today’s world. That’s why we offer a flexitime system and 12 ADV/RTT days in addition to your 20 legal holidays.


ParkTime Moments

Sometimes you need to step out of the fast lane. We organize “ParkTime” events on a regular basis to keep you feeling connected to others in our organization. Sometimes you need to step out of the fast lane. We organize “ParkTime” events on a regular basis to keep you feeling connected to others in our organization.

At TriHD, we know how to celebrate, whether it’s during our “End of Year” party or our very own “TriFestival,” complete with food trucks, DJs, and some stunning outdoor accommodation—#glamping. But it’s not all about letting down your hair. We also bond as team members when training for and running a marathon or having fun on the cycling track.

Not into sports? What about joining our Book Club or other Knowledge Circles, where you and your colleagues can share what you’ve learned and compare insights?

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