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A unique combination of services

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This is what we do

As a supply-driven company, we have the best people to deliver our Do-How solutions. Our people are highly motivated, self-starters, and self-driven. Do-How is what we do. It combines experience—the “do”—and functional knowledge—the "know-how”. It is a unique combination of services, anchored within our broad and deep service portfolio.

Overall, we cover large parts of HD, ICT, and operations as well as the entire finance spectrum through our TriFinance group. We provide services relating to specified areas of knowledge in certain sectors and use highly distinctive methodologies to do so.

A dynamic and agile environment

We operate within a dynamic and agile environment where we bundle or unbundle services as needed. Traditionally, organizations have sought to exert control through advanced planning, strict hierarchies, and extensive rules and regulations, but this approach is losing ground in a rapidly changing and uncertain world, which requires new skills and strategies in what has become a tight labor market. At TriHD, we’ve been applying agile principles before it was even called “agility.” As such, while we are all about reinventing work in our own organization, we can also help you address various aspects of your transition.

Our people are highly motivated, self-starters, and self-driven.

Our work ranges from delivering insights to helping you realize your ambitions

We provide locally organized intelligent capacity for your transition and support needs as well as nationally and internationally organized pragmatic advisory relating to your other challenges. We deliver the right solution for clients using permanent staff and interim managers. We also provide training courses in various areas. Across our entire portfolio of services, our work ranges from delivering insights to helping you realize your ambitions.

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At TriHD, we put people first


Your growth as a professional is a primary objective of our purpose: Furthering People. At TriHD, we put people first to a radical degree. Your personal ambitions are the starting point of your career path. Curious what this could mean for you? Explore our career opportunities and get in touch.

Accelerate your career

The key to our ‘employees first’ approach is our conviction that people should never be discarded or treated as ‘resources’—a person never is. Employees are the designers of their own talent, skills and career. That’s why we focus on ‘HD’ rather than ‘HR’.

It’s all about Human Development