Our idea

Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How.

TriHD is all about putting employees first

Who we are

The story of TriHD was written in the stars


TriHD represents the natural next step in the evolution of the ParkLane Insight Group, which is built around people’s growth and motivation. From the outset, we sought to create and integrate an entire range of innovative concepts relating to human development, all focused on the furthering of our people.

The story of TriHD

I knew very well where I wanted to be: in a company based on one basic idea, the growth of people. So, I decided to create it myself, with that exact rationale and purpose.

Gert Smit
Founder & chairman

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Our story
began in 2002

Built as a contemporary human development company, we have the growth of people as our primary purpose. First offices are opened in Brussels and Antwerp.

The key to our ‘employees first’ approach is our conviction that people should never be discarded or treated as ‘resources’—a person never is. Employees are the designers of their own talent, skills and career. That’s why we focus on ‘HD’ rather than ‘HR’.

It’s all about Human Development