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The story of TriHD

We grow through the growth of our people


TriHD represents the natural next step in the evolution of the ParkLane Insight Group, which is built around people’s growth and motivation.

A natural evolution in our growth

TriHD represents the natural next step in the evolution of the ParkLane Insight Group, which is built around people’s growth and motivation. From the outset, we sought to create and integrate an entire range of innovative concepts relating to human development, all focused on the furthering of our people.

Depending on their ambitions, skills and knowledge, we offer individuals working at our company tailor-made development plans and proactive career coaching. We put them first and are constantly rethinking the employee experience. We employ experts in talent acquisition, culture, learning and development, and performance management.

In other words, the fact that we, as a people-driven organization, would also begin focusing on supporting our customers with their own human development challenges appears to have been written in the stars from the start.

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Talent management is our core business

We grow through the growth of our people: finding, recruiting, retaining, and developing people has always been the core business of the ParkLane Insight Group. Our internal team, BaseCamp, consists of HD specialists. This is the ideal breeding ground to inspire our customers and to train and mentor our HD Consultants.

This is particularly true amid the ongoing war for talent, which has strongly affected our company and has kept us looking for creative ways to respond. Fortunately, this has enabled our HD Consultants and our customers to benefit from our continuous search for innovative HD solutions. By the same token, TriHD’s existence motivates our internal team to perform even better, opening up new opportunities for their growth.

Platform for collaboration and cross-fertilization

The Parklane Insight Group has a unique operating model, comprised of Blue Chip Boutiques, Expert Support Units, and transversal Peer Group Programs that serve to stimulate knowledge-sharing and collaboration. This is especially interesting for our HD department, which can deliver value working closely together with other domains.

Together with our sister company, TriFinance, we partner with our customers to implement powerful HD dashboards and train HR business partners to incorporate HD analytics into their roles. Together with TriTechnology, we improve the employee service experience by automating HR interactions and providing a single platform for all HD services.

We encourage our HD Consultants to look across the boundaries of their areas of specialization and reach out proactively to the network of colleagues within the Parklane Insight Group.

Working at TriHD

Our brands

ParkLane Insight is our management company. It is comprised of three different brands: TriHD, TriFinance and TriTechnology.

The key to our ‘employees first’ approach is our conviction that people should never be discarded or treated as ‘resources’—a person never is. Employees are the designers of their own talent, skills and career. That’s why we focus on ‘HD’ rather than ‘HR’.

It’s all about Human Development