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How we do what we do

The concept of our model is the core of our operation.


TriHD’s flat organizational structure reflects our “employee first” focus and our collaborative way of working.

Three pillars to support the growth of our MeInc’ers

Our basic company model rests on the ‘tri/three’ pillars: the Hub Philosophy, Service Philosophy and BaseCamp. They are the foundation of our identity, as they describe how we look at ourselves, our people and our clients.

  • Our Hub Philosophy offers growth to our colleagues and doing so we act as a career accelerator and a destination finder.
  • Our Service Philosophy combines consultancy (know-how) and hands-on operational support (do) . Resulting in Do-How.
  • The internal TriHD-teamlinks these two pillars: it provides expertise and experience in furthering people to create value at our customers.

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Our philosophy

The Hub Philosophy allows our people to grow. When we offer them the opportunity for fast and targeted personal growth, we are acting as a Career Accelerator and a Destination Finder, helping them identify and reach their professional destination, even if it is not with us.

TriHD is a CareerHub™. It’s something like you might see at an airport: professionals—Me inc.®’ers—coming and going, opening up routes to new destinations by taking on challenging HD and consulting projects. It’s a working environment where people can grow faster than in traditional businesses. They take their careers into their own hands, progressing toward well-considered career destinations.

The way we approach the market of candidates and customers has its origins in novel combinations of secondment/staffing—intelligent capacity—and consultancy—know-how—which we call “Do-How.”

At TriHD, Do-How reflects our ability to translate the knowledge angle of management consulting into sustainable, embedded results. If know-how is understanding what steps to take to make change happen, Do-How is doing what needs to be done. Do-How leads to better solutions, solutions that are “beyond advisory,” created by people who combine deep industry experience with conceptual and methodological knowledge.


BaseCamp, TriHD’s internal team, is the linchpin that connects our two other pillars, an intrinsic bond between our Me inc.® professionals and clients. It provides expertise and experience aimed at furthering people so they can create significant value for our customers.

We offer space and support to our people, our Me inc.® professionals. In return, we expect them to take personal responsibility and dare to ask questions. When they are part of a network organization, they have better opportunities to more quickly and efficiently further themselves and their careers than in traditional organizations and consulting companies.

Our work environment enables professionals to explore their talents and take their careers into their own hands with the support of other professionals. At TriHD, coaching and mentoring are an essential ingredient of our DNA.

Working at TriHD
The people

Me inc.® are at the center of our organization


We work with specific types of people: Me inc.®—Me incorporated—professionals, entrepreneurs with their own unique talents, skills and careers. There are a few competences and values that every TriHD employee possesses:

  • an entrepreneurial mindset: we love what we do, are self-starting and self-driven and like coming up with creative and innovative solutions.
  • we are true team-players that actively pursue collaboration beyond the known boundaries. We thrive in the network organisation that TriHD provides.
  • we believe in life-long learning and are motivated to take our career into our own hands.

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The key to our ‘employees first’ approach is our conviction that people should never be discarded or treated as ‘resources’—a person never is. Employees are the designers of their own talent, skills and career. That’s why we focus on ‘HD’ rather than ‘HR’.

It’s all about Human Development