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Why we do what we do

TriHD is all about putting employees first


Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How

TriHD is rooted in a unique idea, a strong vision when it comes to people. Our purpose is centered on one objective: Furthering people for better performance in Do-How. We offer individuals space to grow. We put our employees—Me inc.®’ers—first, to a radical degree.

This is a win-win-win-situation—for our people, our company, and our customers. As a one-of-a-kind growth company, we help our professionals to grow faster. This benefits TriHD, reinforcing our growth, while also enabling customers to reap the rewards of our people’s drive.

This is why we invest heavily in Economies of Motivation® rather than economies of scale: it is the driving force of the future. Intrinsic motivation not only leads to value-creation for our customers, it also lays the groundwork for our organization to grow even further. The upside potential of this idea is enormous—even more so with the support of new technologies. It makes us a leading challenger in the market. Energized by this powerful driver, we are set to reinvent work.

Somewhere along the way, I had lost sight of where I wanted to be—in a one-of-a-kind company based on a single, primary focus, the growth of people. So, I decided to create it myself.

Gert Smit- Founder & Chairman

Economies of Motivation®

We believe that work should be “fun” and, because we put employees first, that it should be “fun” to work at and with TriHD. Putting employees first and customers second shifts the focus from profit to people, creating an environment where our success follows from the growth of our people. To help people grow in the most efficient and effective way, we focus on the most powerful human driver: intrinsic motivation.

Economies of Motivation® are harder to unlock than economies of scale. Motivation is a complex thing: it requires a continuous effort to make everything—meaning everything—match individual expectations. Motivation leads to value-creation.

Our people are free to take growth opportunities into their own hands and work in an environment where they can discover and develop their skills, get space to think and act, accelerate their career, share knowledge, and move around our organization. This kind of working environment is enjoyable, inspiring, and motivating. We listen to, invest in, and trust our people. Of course, this is no free lunch: with great freedom comes great responsibility.

Me inc.® professionals

TriHD is not for everybody. Because of our firm belief in Economies of Motivation®, we work with specific types of people: Me inc.® professionals. We view our people not as (human) resources or assets, but as entrepreneurs with their own talents, skills and career. A Me inc.®’er sees himself as a “brand,” the value of which can increase ad infinitum. They want to learn and may seek guidance through training and coaching. They are self-starters and self-driven because they have a powerful motivation to become better and grow.

Me inc.®’ers are afforded the space to independently make their own choices to further develop their skills and identify applications for them, either inside or outside the organization, while also sharing what they’ve learned along the way. Team play and knowledge-sharing lead to collective creativity, which drives the furthering of all those involved. It is our primary value-creation factor.

It's been said that “No man is an island entire of itself.” In other words, as paradoxical as it seems, there is no “me” without “we.”

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At TriHD, we put people first


Your growth as a professional is a primary objective of our purpose: Furthering People. At TriHD, we put people first to a radical degree. Your personal ambitions are the starting point of your career path. Curious what this could mean for you? Explore our career opportunities and get in touch.

Accelerate your career

The key to our ‘employees first’ approach is our conviction that people should never be discarded or treated as ‘resources’—a person never is. Employees are the designers of their own talent, skills and career. That’s why we focus on ‘HD’ rather than ‘HR’.

It’s all about Human Development