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Suzanne, Project Consultant at TriHD

Suzanne just marked her first year within TriHD. She reflects on the realizations and progress she made within the upcoming brand TriHD. A big part of her growth is because of the coaching and tailor-made support she received from day one but also the amazing supportive team. For Suzanne, this deserves a 10/10!

One year as a Project Consultant at TriHD? I give it a 10/10!

Building expertise in ‘hard HR’ is her biggest objective. And thanks to TriHD, she gets the opportunity to take several interesting training courses to achieve that objective. One of the trainings she followed provided the ideal foundation to take her first steps in payroll. Because of that she could start in her first project outside her scope of experience as an HR Officer. And for that she gives it a 10/10.

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How did Suzanne become Project Consultant?

Suzanne knew quite early she wanted to pursue a career in Human Resource Management, hence the choice to pursue an additional master's degree in HR at Antwerp Management School after her commercial sciences studies.

Starting her first work experience in recruitment, she moved to TriHD to broaden her HR expertise. Here she gets the opportunity to get into contact with different types of organizations and sectors.

First, she kicked off her first project as a regional recruiter in the healthcare sector; followed by her second project at TriFinance in the Netherlands. Although this project lies outside her scope of experience as an HR Officer, it does fit her adventurous personality. An experience she can write down in her TriHD travel book.

“My start as HD consultant within TriHD, the coaching and the fantastic group of HD colleagues gives me no other reason than to give it 10/10!”

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What is the story behind your personal item?

A travel book, that is the personal item Suzanne brought to this interview. She’s abroad at least once a month to discover (new) cities. Her boyfriend studies in London at the moment, so now you can often find her in the UK. Now, thanks to TriHD and her new project in the Netherlands, she has been adventurious in her career as well.

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About TriHD

At TriHD, your ambition and personal development are central to everything we do. But what does that actually mean? We coach you to help you achieve your ambition through a variety of exciting projects to boost your development. Knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer play an active role in this!

Total Reward Approach

Some organizations are based on economies of scale. At TriHD, we work with Economies of Motivation®. To help people grow in the most efficient and effective way possible, we focus on the most powerful driving factor: intrinsic motivation.

Why? Because motivation leads to value creation. We give our people the freedom to take control of their growth.

Our philosophy
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Questions about working at TriHD

We often receive the same questions from candidates when they consider a career at TriHD. Here, you can find an answer to the most frequently asked questions. Would you like to know something else? Contact us!

  • As a consultant, do I have to cover a great travel distance on a daily basis?

    As a consultant at TriHD, you can work in the region of your choice or from the nearest TriHD office. Together with our clients, we strive for a hybrid working situation.

  • Do I have a say in the projects I do?

    The projects proposed to you are in line with your current knowledge, skills and ambitions. Together with our internal team you decide which projects are the best match for you.

  • What if I don’t have the required skills yet for a project that interests me?

    If you lack certain skills for a project, TriHD will provide the necessary training and a skilled mentor to guide you through your project.

  • What kind of guidance can I expect?

    We map your current knowledge and skills with the help of in-house tools. This is the starting point of your personal development plan and forms the basis we need to offer you projects and guidance in line with your ambitions. In addition, you receive guidance from our internal team (BaseCamp) your fellow consultants and a Career Coach.

  • Work-life balance is important to me. Is that possible for consultants?

    TriHD uses a system of flexible working hours so it’s easier for you to plan your day. We offer 20 legal holidays and 12 ADV/RTT-days to maintain a healthy work-life balance. In addition, you can aquire extra legal vacation days through our cafeteria plan.

  • What does the salary package at TriHD look like?

    At TriHD, you can count on a competitive and flexible salary package that consists of (among others) a company car (Mini/BMW), smartphone with subscription and 32 vacation days. On top of that, we invest in a Total Reward Approach: an inspiring and motivating total package that includes exciting challenges and a variety of projects in line with your ambitions.

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