Suzanne Gits: ‘The most fun part about consulting? Diversity!'

23 February 2023
In a nutshell
  • Suzanne on her career path
  • Projects in Recruitment and HD for clients who need temporary support
  • All things HR - legislation, payroll, compensation & benefits. You name it!

2022, the year of a new challenge for Suzanne as Project Consultant at TriHD Antwerp. Suzanne wants to focus on delving into new areas within Human Resources Management such as Payroll and Compensation & Benefits.

Describe yourself in two sentences.

I am a doer, a busy bee and I love to explore other cities and countries. That’s why I often plan trips to undiscovered places in Belgium and abroad.

Tell us a bit more about your professional career path

I knew quite early I wanted to pursue a career in Human Resource Management, hence the choice to pursue an additional master's degree in HR at Antwerp Management School after my commercial sciences studies.

The first three years of my career, I gained experience in recruitment within an external recruitment agency. In 2022, I made a switch to TriHD to immerse myself in the world of Human Resources Management. Here I get the opportunity to get into contact with different types of organizations and sectors.

First, I kicked off my first project as a regional recruiter in the healthcare sector; followed by my second project at TriFinance in the Netherlands. Although this project lies outside my scope of experience as an HR Officer, it does fit my adventurous personality. An experience I can write down in my TriHD travel book.

“My start as HD consultant within TriHD, the coaching and the fantastic group of HD colleagues gives me no other reason than to give it 10/10!”

Thanks to TriHD, I can broaden my expertise in HR and come into contact with different types of organizations and industries.

Suzanne Gits, Project Consultant @TriHD

What projects have your already realized within TriHD?

At my first project at TriHD I was a Region Recruiter within the healthcare sector. I got the opportunity to dive into internal recruitment for 5 months within a challenging sector. 

I am currently completing my second project, an internal project at TriFinance The Netherlands, during which I am the internal point of contact as an HR employee for questions about the “hard” side of HR. 

I am already looking forward to what new challenge awaits me!

Where do you want to be within 5 years?

My ambition is to deepen and gain more knowledge in social legislation, payroll, compensation & benefits and other HR-related topics in multiple organizations and sectors. In time, I want to be able to call myself an absolute expert in HR.

"I knew very quickly that I wanted to pursue a career in HR. As a project consultant at TriHD, I get the opportunity to broaden that expertise and also get to do projects in different types of organizations and sectors

Suzanne Gits, Project Consultant @TriHD

If you could, in one sentence, convince someone to become your new colleague, what would that sentence be?

You will be part of a fantastic team of HD (and other) colleagues in a people-oriented organization, in which your development is key.

What is the most exciting thing about project work for you?

The most fun part about consulting? Diversity! Not only in terms of projects, but also the experience you gain in different organizations. As a result, you will gain an enormous amount of expertise in a short period of time. And, also important, you will learn more about yourself and in which context or domain you function best.

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