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Project Consultant at TriHD

Your growth is our goal. Apply now and take the next step in your career!

At TriHD, project consultants shape their own career path. By offering different challenging projects in line with your ambitions and the right guidance (training, coaching, mentoring), we help you broaden your scope within Human Development and unlock your full potential. TriHD supports your growth!

Why Choose TriHD

Furthering your career

We put people first. Yes, a lot of companies say that, but it’s not just an empty slogan. At TriHD, our purpose is centered on one goal: Furthering people for Better Performance in Do-How. Our flat and flexible knowledge-sharing organization gives you the space and support you need to accelerate your career. While you must take the initiative, here’s what we do in return to help you achieve your objectives:

  • Define your ambitions

    We provide you with the necessary tools and frameworks to map your behavior, skills, and knowledge and define your ambitions.

  • Coach and mentor

    Do you have questions about your career path and growth? Contact your career coach for a conversation that will have many “aha” moments. An experienced mentor—maybe that could be you—supports colleagues who face technical, methodological or soft-skills challenges relating to their projects.

  • BaseCamp

    BaseCamp, our internal team composed of experts in HD, sales and communication, knows your personal ambitions and supports you in taking the actions necessary to achieve your Personal Development Plan.

  • Training and knowledge-sharing

    Aside from what you learn on the job, your personal career path will also be supported by an individualized training trajectory. The stimulation you receive from working with team members with varying backgrounds will serve to facilitate continuous learning and two-way knowledge-sharing.

Highlighted job opportunities

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Meet your future colleagues

As a Project Consultant, you are a part of our CareerHub™, where you explore all kinds of destinations by working on and completing challenging projects for different clients. 

The experience is something like you might see at an airport: professionals coming and going, opening up routes to new destinations by taking on challenging projects. But you don’t need to simply accept what we are telling you—just read some of our Project Consultants’ stories and get first-hand insights from your future colleagues.

As a Project Consultant, you become a part of our CareerHub™, where you explore all kinds of destinations by working on and completing challenging projects for different clients.

Project Consultant at TriHD


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