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TriHD grows through the growth of our people: furthering people for better performance in do-how. The Basecamp, our internal team, is the driving force that puts this philosophy into practice and ensures we deliver on this bold promise that we make to our Project Consultants.

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There’s no doubt about it: you are a “people person.” To you, working in an organization that puts people first to a radical degree sounds like a great career move. In fact, you’ve likely found that supporting others in their personal development and being equally supported yourself is energizing. Whether this refers to a role in sales, human development, business support, IT, communication, or finance, it is the culture and environment that really matter.

If this description strikes a chord, you’ve come to the right place. Find out more about our organization and our diverse range of job opportunities that can help you identify and reach your professional destination.

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We support your growth

Furthering your career

As a member of our internal team, you’ll immediately see the importance of our “furthering people” philosophy as you go about your daily activities. Instead of being confined to a traditional function that limits your furthering and prevents you from achieving your ambitions, you’ll be taking on a combination of roles and responsibilities within a flat and flexible organization. Quite simply, we give you the space and support you need to control your own growth path. How?

  • Define your ambitions

    We provide you with the necessary tools and frameworks to map your roles and responsibilities and define your ambitions.

  • Coach

    Do you have questions about your career path and growth? Contact your career coach for a conversation that will have many “aha” moments.

  • Training

    Aside from what you learn on the job, your personal career path will be supported by an individualized training trajectory.

  • Knowledge-sharing

    Learn from our experts and share insights with your peers through one of our many knowledge sharing events and Peer Group Programs.

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Life at TriHD

At TriHD, we know how to celebrate, whether it’s during our “End of Year” party or our very own “TriFestival,” complete with food trucks, DJs, and some stunning outdoor accommodation—#glamping. But it’s not all about letting your hair down. We also bond as team members when training for a marathon or having fun on the cycling track.

Not into sports? What about joining our Book Club or other Knowledge Circles, where you and your colleagues can share what you’ve learned and compare insights? Otherwise, perhaps you can join us for a round of drinks at one of our Friday afternoon office gatherings.

TriFestival - Our Me inc.® colleagues united!(2:26)

Ready to come on board and experience TriHD for yourself? Check out our job opportunities.

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As a member of our internal team, you’ll immediately see the importance of our “furthering people” philosophy as you go about your daily activities.

BaseCamp at TriHD


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