Happiness at work? At TriHD, we prefer fulfillment.

26 September 2023

The last week of September is the official ‘Week of Happiness at Work’. At TriHD, however, we prefer the word fulfillment: feeling fulfilled and valued, while doing what you love. It's about being excited to jump out of bed in the morning and contribute to something bigger than yourself, together with others.

Fun through fulfillment

Happiness at work is much more than fruit baskets, lots of events and the occasional employee gift. The kind of happiness that we aim for at TriHD is about fulfillment and enjoying work, together with others. You won’t find fulfillment by stacking personal achievements only. We believe that work gets ‘fun’ by achieving your goals while you're interacting with a bigger community around you, where connection and shared values drive people forward. Where you contribute to something bigger than yourself.

Fulfillment through growth

At TriHD, we encourage people to take their growth into their own hands, and work in an environment where they can discover and develop their skills. Our community that drives fulfillment, is one where employees share knowledge with peers, help clients forward, and move around in the organization. It is a place of discovery and finding your own path. This kind of work environment is enjoyable, inspiring and motivating.

Growth through 'Employees First'

Everyone is a Me inc.’er at TriHD: someone who is an entrepreneur of his own talent, skills and career. Someone who is eager to learn, driven by intrinsic motivation, yet can also participate in a dynamic network environment, supporting the growth of our clients and yourself. It is a mindset that drives excellence in your work. That’s exactly why TriHD puts employees first, and clients second. A different approach to the way we work, a different approach to finding fulfillment.

"Creating the right environment for growth is key for fulfillment."

Fien Vanbiervliet, Leader XSU Care Belgium