In the war for talent, are you looking for a secret weapon?

30 May 2022

Finding and recruiting top talent is more relevant than ever today. Recent figures from an SD Worx study show that many companies are prioritising talent acquisition. In 2020 recruitment came 10th place in terms of HR priorities among European employers. Today new-talent recruitment comes 3rd, and in Belgium even 1st.

At the beginning of this year TriFinance set up a new Human Development business line to give clients even better advice in this area. In recent months our HD consultants have flown out of the starting blocks in huge numbers to support our clients’ HR departments in the recruitment of new employees. On the strength of its core business TriFinance is uniquely placed to ready them for the task.

“Recruitment is often seen as the ‘sourcing, screening and matching’ of job applicants. In the future, artificial intelligence will be perfectly capable of doing this. So, wherein lies the added value of the recruiter today? In pro-actively approaching candidates who are not looking but are, nonetheless, that absolute gem in their field. These are the profiles that businesses want to recruit. Approaching, attracting and guiding these candidates to the recruitment table takes a certain amount of skill and finesse. As does persuading them to make the switch, ultimately, to a new employer. To do that, you have to listen very intently to all the stakeholders and overcome every obstacle in the way before the contract is signed. These recruitment skills are difficult to teach. For that reason we concentrate on providing optimal guidance for our new HR consultants by coaching them on the job.”

That coaching is given at TriFinance through intensive learning pathways. Thomas Coppens, Learning Architect Talent Acquisition, is one of the designers of these talent acquisition tracks:

“School leavers – we are recruiting them non-stop at present – and experienced recruiters alike can brush up and add to their knowledge of the social legislation and the A to Z of the recruitment process. How to conduct a well structured job interview? How to use social media – including LinkedIn Job Seeker- most efficiently to grow a talent pool? What constitutes a good vacancy text? And how to create a pleasant candidate experience? Our experienced recruiters can also enhance their understanding of people management and recruitment strategies.”

What that intensive coaching and guidance looks like in practice is known to school leaver and newly recognised HD consultant Indy Bellavia:

“When I started at TriFinance a few months ago to recruit finance profiles, I was assigned a mentor right away. In recent weeks I’ve been on a lot of fascinating internal courses, and I've been able to sit in on candidate screening interviews. After taking the TriFinance talent acquisition course I can already screen CVs, do interviews and manage the client files myself. That work experience ‘in the field’ is of inestimable value in lifting my knowledge to a higher level. I just love to stimulate people, uncover their talents and match them with employers that are in urgent need of extra manpower.”

Would you like to fill your vacancies with the best candidates? Want to bring in our impassioned HR consultants to onboard new talent? Get in touch with us right away and meet the HR consultants at TriHD!