Mentoring is a two-way street

8 January 2024
Lesley Arens Founder #ZigZagHR Connect on Linkedin

For the first time, 4 generations are working together in the workplace, each with their own perspective on the world and their own ideas about how work should be done. It's precisely these differences that add significant value, provided that everyone is willing to learn from each other. Today, more and more companies are already focusing on mentoring.

Insights from HR experts

GoodHabitz & #ZigZagHR invited the HR community to discuss this. During a Round-The-Table, HR professionals from various sectors and companies exchanged ideas and practices on mentoring. Business Manager Céline Woltman joined the discussion. 

A mentor is a guide, a catalyst for growth of both the mentee and the organization, facilitating knowledge sharing and anchoring.

Céline Woltman, Business Manager TriHD

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