Podcast: 'ESG for HR professionals'

17 June 2024
Lesley Arens Founder #ZigZagHR Connect on Linkedin

Our ESG experts Mario Matthijs (Expert Practice Leader Corporate Reporting TriFinance) and Gaëlle De Baeck (Sustainability Lead TriFinance & TriHD) explain the impact of the new ESG regulations on HR departments with a focus on the 'social' pillar, sharing their tips on how to seize this as an opportunity for your organization.

Podcast: 'ESG for HR professionals' (Dutch)

Takeaways ESG webinar

As sustainability continues to evolve, companies will soon encounter new regulations that will also affect HR departments. The first CSRD deadlines are due in 2025. Is your HR department ready to provide the mandatory reporting on the 'social pillar'?

In the webinar 'The social pillar within the CSRD framework: tips for HR professionals', experts Nienke Van Turnhout and Jana Wittemans shared their insights, and shed light on the pivotal role of HR in ESG compliance and the opportunities it offers for your HR strategy.