Podcast: 'The future of Talent Acquisition'

19 April 2024
Lesley Arens Founder #ZigZagHR Connect on Linkedin

In this podcast, Ineke Vandael (Business Consultant at TriHD) and Wim Vanhaele (Global Talent & Leadership Manager at Melexis) discuss the nuance between recruitment and talent acquisition, the pivotal strategic role of talent acquisition, and how to enhance your talent acquisition process for long-term viability.

Podcast: 'The future of Talent Acquisition' (Dutch)

Optimizing your Talent Acquisition process

Is your Talent Acquisition process running at its full potential? Our phased and tailored approach unveils the opportunities of your end-to-end talent acquisition process.

An improved talent acquisition process creates significant value for the business, such as reduced time-to-hire, better quality hires, enhanced candidate experience, and significant cost savings.