Survey freelance market trends: the evolving profile of interim managers and freelancers in the Belgian market

7 July 2023

Welcome to a new edition of our survey on freelance market trends where we delve into the fascinating world of interim managers and freelancers in the Belgian market. Based on a survey conducted during 2022 with 219 respondents, we bring you insightful data and expert opinions on the trends, challenges, and future expectations of freelancers. As an expert, TriHD is proud to present these findings and shed light on the evolving landscape of the freelance market in Belgium.

We share some first conclusions of the survey. If you are interested in all findings, please download all survey results at the end of this article.

The changing face of freelancers: a closer look at the profile

In the past five years, we have witnessed a positive trend with an increasing number of women entering the freelancer market. While men still dominate the field, the share of women has grown by 7.7%. This shift reflects the growing recognition of women's expertise and their valuable contributions to the freelancing landscape.

Insights into freelancer assignments

Finding new assignments has become slightly easier in recent years, with 75% of freelancers reporting that they secure a new assignment within one month. Customers typically choose a specific freelancer based on their relevant experience, availability, attitude, and industry knowledge. While fees still play a role in the decision-making process, their significance has diminished, potentially influenced by the current talent crunch.

The increasing presence of women in the freelancer market is an encouraging development. It highlights the diverse talent pool and the recognition of their skills. This trend brings new perspectives and enriches the freelance community.

Miek Van Bosstraeten, Expert Interim Management at TriHD

The new work landscape and commuting trends

In the freelance market, home office and hybrid work arrangements have become common. The majority of freelancers work two, three, or four days from home, with full remote work being rare. Only a small number of freelancers prefer to have a 100% home office setup.

Expectations and projections for the future years in the freelancer market

60% of respondents claim to be experts or are actively building expertise in sustainability, while 25% indicate they do not plan to pursue further expertise in this area. However, the percentage of respondents working as consultants in upcoming digitalization/RPA or sustainability is currently low.

The rise of freelancers with 0-5 years of experience suggests an increasing interest among newcomers to explore the opportunities offered by freelancing. It provides a platform for individuals to gain valuable experience while maintaining a flexible and autonomous work-life balance.

Miek Van Bosstraeten, Expert Interim Management at TriHD

Happiness of the freelancer

Freelancers are experiencing a high level of happiness, and their overall satisfaction has shown a notable improvement since 2017, from a score of 8 to a score of 8.6. More than 60% of freelancers now rate their satisfaction at 9 or 10, indicating a significant increase. Furthermore, an impressive 96% of freelancers rate their satisfaction at 7 or higher. This reflects a positive shift in freelancer happiness, with average happiness rates rising from 8 to 8.6 compared to 2017.

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