Podcast: 'Focus on ambitions'

21 June 2023
Lesley Arens Founder #ZigZagHR Connect on Linkedin

In this podcast, Syl Arnols (Head of HR Ethias) and Jana Wittemans (Care Manager TriHD) elaborate on the importance of focusing on people's ambitions, how to incorporate this mindset into a company's culture and what processes they have in place at their own organizations.

Podcast: 'Focus on ambitions' (Dutch)

Partnership TriHD and #ZigZagHR

This podcast is the second in a series in the context of our partnership with #ZigZagHR on the theme 'growth': it's a matter of wanting, daring, being allowed and being able to grow.

As our Project Consultants come first, we invest in their growth. We like to share our insights and experience in various interviews and podcasts. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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