Unlocking Happiness at Work: Insights of our Business Leaders

25 September 2023

What does happiness at work mean? Is it all about achieving professional success, or does it go beyond that, a sense of self-fulfillment? We asked seven Business Leaders of TriHD and TriFinance to share their thoughts on what it means to them personally.

#1 Feeling at Home

“Happiness at work comes from a sense of belonging,” explains Hanne Hellemans, Business Leader T&S Antwerp/Hasselt and T&S Brussels. 

She describes it as "my first coffee in the morning at the office, gazing around and feeling at home, laughing about the same things, looking at each other and – without the need for words – knowing we are fully aligned." 

Hanne values a safe, open work environment where everyone can be themselves and feels proud of contributing to growth stories.

"Happiness at work is a journey, not just a destination."

Kristoff Temmerman

#2 The Journey of Personal Growth

Kristoff Temmerman, Business Leader T&S Ghent/Roeselare, says, "Happiness at work is a journey, not just a destination." 

He believes it comes from personal growth in a team, achieving goals together, and staying open-minded. He encourages finding environments and purposes that inspire and energize you.

#3 Work and Life in Harmony

Veronique Grimon, Business Leader T&S Louvain-la-Neuve, beautifully captures the integration of work and life in her perspective on happiness. 

She says, "Work and life are connected, and so the one cannot exist without the other." For her, happiness at work is about acceptance, celebrating successes, and being part of a close-knit community that supports one another through thick and thin.

"Happiness at work is a mindset rooted in the concept of wabi-sabi: appreciating beauty in imperfection."

Jean-Philippe Thirion

#4 A Matter of Mindset

Jean-Philippe Thirion, Business Leader Financial Institutions, sees happiness at work as a mindset rooted in the concept of wabi-sabi, appreciating beauty in imperfection

He believes it's about "finding allure in the challenges, the learning curves, and the growth that arises from seemingly basic or imperfect tasks." Jean-Philippe emphasizes the importance of aligning personal purpose with professional actions, leading to job satisfaction.

#5 Building a Great Team

“Work happiness is intrinsically tied to the quality of the team you work with.” 

Serge Vigoureux, Business Leader MI&S says, "It's about having a great team with motivated, eager-to-learn, and intelligent colleagues who give their all every day, growing as a team and as individuals." 

Serge stresses respect in both work and personal relationships and encourages a fun, challenging, and innovative environment.

#6 Continuous Positive Energy

For Team Public, happiness at work is synonymous with a continuous feeling of positive energy and drive. It's about doing what you love both individually and as part of a team, being in a state of flow, and approaching setbacks with a solution-oriented mindset.

"Work happiness is related to the sense of being part of something bigger than myself."

Alexander Van Caeneghem

#7 A Sense of Purpose

“Work happiness is deeply connected to a sense of purpose,” believes Alexander Van Caeneghem, Business Leader CFO Services. 

He asserts, "It’s closely related to the sense of being part of something bigger than me." This connection stems from work's meaningful impact on the organization, its people, and the world outside. Self-determination and self-fulfillment are key components.

Happiness at work: a multifaceted concept

In conclusion, happiness at work is a multifaceted concept that encompasses everything from team dynamics to personal growth, purpose, and a sense of belonging

It's about finding joy in the journey, embracing imperfections, and aligning personal values with professional actions. 

These insights from the leaders remind us that happiness at work is about self-fulfillment.

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