Why a network organization accelerates growth

15 September 2023
Lesley Arens Founder #ZigZagHR Connect on Linkedin

The only thing that cannot be copied is the unique mix of people who work in your organization. That is why it is essential to invest in their growth, because as an organization, you grow through the growth of your people.

The network organization

"If you want to help people grow, it's best to opt for a network organization," explains Kristoff Temmeran, Business Leader TriHD Ghent/Roeselare. "Flat instead of pyramidal. Focus on people first. Be consistent and radical in that. Value will follow naturally."

Kristoff elaborates on:

  • the network organization as the best organizational form to support people's growth;
  • tailor-made growth path based on personal goals;
  • and the ambition to grow into a platform organization.

Partnership TriHD and #ZigZagHR

This article is part of a series in the context of our partnership with #ZigZagHR on the theme 'growth': it's a matter of wanting, daring, being allowed and being able to grow.

As our Project Consultants come first, we invest in their growth. We like to share our insights and experiences in various interviews and podcasts. 

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