Top 5 most-read articles of 2023

17 December 2023

#1 Changing the game as Human Development consultant

If you put the missing pieces together, the puzzle becomes clearer. So that’s exactly what Indy Bellavia (Project Consultant at TriHD) did. A bridge between teams, a lot of knowledge sharing and learning, improving processes, discovering new systems and putting a smile on other people’s faces. 

She took the plunge, focused on her ambitions and never let go of the steering wheel during this journey. Have a read and learn all about Indy’s growth story!

#2 AG College: bridging the skill gap in the insurance industry

The war for talent remains as fierce as ever, with different industries facing an acute skill gap. One company that has taken a proactive approach to address this issue is AG Insurance, a leading insurance provider in Belgium. 

To tackle the shortage of skilled Insurance Claims handlers and Production Officers in the Belgian labor market and to attract new talent, AG Insurance has launched a unique and innovative development program: AG College

Our Project Consultant Soumaya Othmani, supported the AG recruitment team during the launch of the project and was very happy to take part in this pioneering initiative.

#3 How to get started with campus recruitment

In today's competitive labor market, with a fierce war for talent, qualified candidates get to pick their employer. Even final-year students often have jobs in their pockets before they graduate.

Thus, if you are a company looking to attract recent graduates, you must already reach out to candidates during their studies. That’s where a good campus recruitment strategy comes in. But how do you get started?

#4 Jana Van Wanzeele: "It's all about taking every opportunity to learn and upskill along the way"

Jana Van Wanzeele joined TriHD out of an ambition to broaden her horizons. With her experience in payroll, in her current project, she takes on the challenge of managing the payroll of different countries for her client. Her ultimate ambition is to explore other HR domains and become an HR generalist.

#5 The fluid organisation: an ideal mix of hierarchy and self-management

We do a good job at the ParkLane Insight group. You are blowing your own trumpet, I hear you say. True, but false modesty is half the sin of pride. The only way out of this cul-de-sac is to bring in the experts. If you don't believe us, the authorities on the subject have shown that we, the lived-experience experts, undoubtedly have the right end of the stick and know exactly what we are doing.