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Why building trust is crucial as an HR Business Partner

5 October 2023

In this reference case, Dorien Van den Bril, Project Consultant at TriHD, explains the challenging, but also very exciting aspects of HR Business Partnering in a consultancy role. 

The role of HR Business Partner

“Over the past 7 months, I took on the role of HR Business Partner at an international logistics company. Within this role, I served as a strategic partner for multiple business units with a focus on HR-related issues. I acted as the primary point of contact for management and as a coach for employees, supervisors, team leaders, and managers. Therefore, it was crucial to quickly build a trusting relationship”, explains Dorien Van den Bril, Project Consultant at TriHD.

“In addition, I provided solutions for HR-related issues at various stages, from recruitment to retention and exit, as well as during changes in the organizational structure. This included dealing with performance-related issues, implementing policies, and resolving minor workplace conflicts. I conducted development assessments, supervised leadership programs, and traineeships, and acted as a coach for executives to enhance their people management skills.”

Building a trusting relationship is crucial, but very challenging at the same time.

Dorien Van den Bril, Project Consultant

Building a trusting relationship

“Building trust within a limited timeframe is definitely a challenge. However, to guarantee business continuity, it was important for leaders to come to me to discuss HR topics and seek assistance with diverse HR-related matters.”

Dorien shares some tips to build trust quickly:

  • Be Authentic: Show yourself as you are. Honesty and sincerity contribute to building trust. Be open about your intentions and expectations.
  • Communicate Clearly: Ensure that your communication is clear and transparent. This helps prevent misunderstandings and contributes to a positive relationship.
  • Show Interest: Be interested in the people you work with. Ask them about themselves, their work, and their challenges. Actively listen to what they have to say and show genuine interest in their responses.
  • Be Available: Make time to talk to employees, supervisors, team leaders, and managers. Let them know that you are open to conversations and willing to listen to their concerns and ideas.
  • Maintain Confidentiality: As an HR Business Partner, you are often involved in confidential matters. Ensure that you handle the information you receive discreetly. This demonstrates that you are trustworthy and worthy of trust.
  • Be Empathetic: Show understanding of the situations and challenges people are facing. Empathy can contribute to building a strong bond.
  • Create Informal Opportunities: In addition to formal work-related discussions, encourage informal interactions, such as organizing lunches or brief chats in the coffee corner. This fosters a more personal connection and helps enhance the trust relationship.

Dorien graduated in Clinical Psychology, and started her career in Recruitment. Soon, she was interested in exploring all the different facets of HR. She discovered that soft HR really is her passion. After 7,5 years, Dorien decided to choose consultancy as the next step in her career. Her curiosity to learn about different ways of working within companies in different sectors is the main reason for this switch.

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