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Your challenges

  • Stay informed about upcoming ESG obligations and their impact
  • Create the right awareness concerning the social criteria
  • Cultivate a strategic approach to nurturing sustainable careers
  • Data-driven strategy based on HR analytics

In the ever-changing landscape of corporate responsibility, companies are facing new regulations that require them to disclose their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance. Amongst these criteria, the ‘social’ aspect is particularly crucial, as it reflects how a company manages and interacts with its employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and other stakeholders.

A company with robust social practices is seen as responsible, sustainable and resilient in the long run. This commitment to social responsibility not only strikes a chord with your employees and potential candidates, it resonates with all stakeholders involved.

Create the right awareness

At TriHD, we are ready to assist you in the ESG journey with our unique blend of subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge, and practical advisory and implementation. Our goal is to help your organization create the right awareness and navigate the complex world of ESG, specifically focusing on the ‘social’ criteria. We understand that your company's future success depends on its social practices and its ability to foster sustainable careers for your employees.

We help you navigate the complex world of ESG, specifically focusing on the 'social' criteria.

Sustainable Careers

In today's dynamic business landscape, staying competitive requires more than just skilled employees; it demands a workforce that excels in their respective areas of competence. At TriHD, we understand the importance of cultivating a strategic approach to competence. Your employees' careers should reflect their continuous personal development, which is a dynamic process driven by health, happiness, and productivity.

Career & Competence Management

Identifying your critical business skills is the first step in implementing your Human Development (HD) processes and achieving your overall business strategy. We can help you design a Strategic Competence plan that aligns with your business objectives, while encompassing the social parameters.

Our services include:

  • develop and implement Coaching and Mentoring plans;
  • create Leadership Programs to equip leaders with the right skills and tools to build a sustainable company culture;
  • design Internal Mobility plans that ensure the right talent in the right place at the right time;
  • develop and implement a customized L&D strategy and Training Academies;
  • support your recognition and rewards process.


Managing ESG compliance and performance requires specific social Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Social data, including gender diversity, training completion, and Return on Investment, must be integrated into a single data model, and processes must be modified to acquire and display these specific KPIs in dashboards.

We specialize in implementing a robust ESG framework that equips your organization with the tools and insights needed to make data-driven Human Development (HD) decisions, enhance employee engagement, and elevate your overall HD strategy.


Existing frameworks come with specific reporting obligations, such as the CSRD, EU Taxonomy, and CSDD. We can guide you through compliance by developing a customized roadmap, capturing all relevant social data, and preparing accurate and transparent reports on diversity, employee well-being, community engagement, and social justice.

ESG Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Our comprehensive ESG Risk Assessment and Mitigation Service empowers organizations to proactively identify, assess, and address potential risks across their operations. We help your internal audit, internal control, and risk management functions adapt to emerging ESG risks, navigate evolving ESG regulatory landscapes, and leverage new technologies for advanced analytics.

Our services include:

  • Create the right awareness for your board and all employees.
  • Double Materiality Analysis: a deep dive into what truly matters to your organization
  • Quick scan and Fit-Gap Analysis to assess your company's readiness for ESG reporting
  • Process Mapping and Roadmap help chart a course for organizational change.
  • CPM Tool Selection: choose the right tool for capturing and integrating data.
  • Integrated Reporting: gather all the necessary information and produce your integrated report.
  • Risk Framework: build a strong framework for managing ESG risks.

Why TriHD?

  • Furthering people: we radically put our employees first to create a win-win-win situation for them, our company and our customers;
  • Co-creation: we work together in multidisciplinary fashion with our consultants (as colleagues) and our clients (as partners) to facilitate bottom-up transformation;
  • Do-How: we integrate ‘know-how’ and ‘do’ in a flexible, pragmatic and expertise-driven way, with a clear functional approach, sound pragmatic advisory & implementation methodologies and deep knowledge of leading software solutions such as Mavim, PowerBI, Tagetik and Vena;
  • Independence: we are not limited by commercial, cross-functional, geographical or governance restraints, but are fully integrated to compile the best solution.

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