Retention is the new recruitment

18 December 2023
Lesley Arens Founder #ZigZagHR Connect on Linkedin

Retention is the new recruitment, they say. Tightness in the labor market is mainly a scarcity of the right skills. In the current context, focusing inward and providing a growth path for people already on board is advisable. At TriHD, we strongly emphasize this and guide companies to learn to think in this way and to install a culture of growth and learning.

Five levers to ensure retention

Evelien Boon (Care Manager) and Céline Woltman (Business Manager) share the 5 levers that are crucial for retention within our company, keeping in mind that retention isn't a goal in itself. 

Partnership TriHD and #ZigZagHR

This article is part of a series in the context of our partnership with #ZigZagHR on the theme 'growth': it's a matter of wanting, daring, being allowed and being able to grow.

As our Project Consultants come first, we invest in their growth. We like to share our insights and experiences in various interviews and podcasts. We are looking forward to your feedback!