Event 21/05/2024

Risk webinar: How Internal Audit can optimize the hiring process and drive recruitment success

12 April 2024

As the world becomes more fast-paced, risks continue to evolve, and the need for resilience grows. Not only the functions of internal audit, internal control, and risk management must be more proactive than ever. In the 2024 global survey by the IIA, ‘human capital’ is assessed as the top 2 highest risks facing companies. Therefore, HR professionals must gain a clear understanding of the risks associated with HR processes as well.

To steer you through this evolution, we’re organizing a webinar focusing on the risks associated with the hiring process. Our industry experts will host the webinar in English and include a Q&A to help answer your questions and encourage interaction among peers.

21/5: How Internal Audit can optimize the hiring process and drive recruitment success

This webinar will help you to:

  • understand the link between Internal Audit and the hiring process;
  • identify and assess risks associated with the hiring process;
  • assess the design and operating effectiveness of the hiring process internal controls;
  • validate the use of data analytics and recruitment metrics (e.g. time-to-fill, candidate quality, etc.);
  • gain best practices, including training and development opportunities.

Industry experts Annemie Pelgrims and Céline Woltman share valuable insights on trends, best practices and the role of companies in the preparation and execution of high-impact recruitment internal audits. Our expert Vicky Posthumus will host the webinar and lead the Q&A.

Registration webinar 21 May

Registration webinar 21 may